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Custom made bags

Custom made bags from the fabric of your choice with velcro closures, ties or drawstrings.  If you have an unusual bag requirement, we have your solution.

Our design service will help you to obtain the special configuration you need.

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Custom bag - Monofilament polypro



Sealed edge holes

Precut and sealed holes for a tight fit around basket hooks or other protrusions.


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Sealed edge hole




Velcroİ Tabs

Genuine Velcroİ hook & loop patches, straps, tabs and closures.


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Velctoİ Tabs




Extra Large / Extra Long Bags

Baker Bags often produces bags as long as 240 inches (Approx 6 meters).  Please call if you have a very long, or very wide bag.

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130" Duplex bag


3D Torus (Donut) Bag

This 3 Dimensional Torus bag has a full fitted bottom, Velcroİ alignment tabs, ties, and a drawstring for close fitting.


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3D Torus Bag



Polypro Mesh Belt

A polypropylene mesh belt (various meshes available) with hem and drawstring.  Micron rated singed felt is also often used for belts.  Any width, Any length.


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Mesh Belt


Colored Ties and Drawstring

Colored ties and drawstring is available by special order for bag identification.  We stock red and blue drawstring.


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Colored Ties