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Anode / Basket Bag

Our standard anode or basket bag has a drawstring top and double stitched sides and bottom. On 10" wide X 40" long and larger bags, a double tie is added for additional support at no additional charge. Since all our bags are made to order we manufacture bags to your specified dimensions and fabric(s).  Most bags are shipped within 2 business days.

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Napped poly anode bag


Double Bottom (Boot) Bag

The spare tire approach for close anode to cathode distance and highly agitated solutions. The double bottom (boot) option can be made from your fabric choice. The most effective choice of fabric for the double bottom is polypropylene monofilament. (An excellent substitute for a rubber boot)

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Double bottom or "Boot" bag



Lunch Box Corners

Lunch box or form fit corners to reduce bulk at the bottom of your bag are available as an option on our standard bag.

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Lunch box corner



Duplex or Double Bag

Double layer design for excellent particle retention. Used for baskets with an unusually large anode area or extra partical retension. Many different inside/outside combinations available to suit your particular needs.

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Duplex or double layer bag